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Green Fund Finance is The Next Generation Investment House providing funding for commercial, innovative and sustainable technologies promoting a green economy.
Executive Summary

We are witnessing a historic conversion from fossil-based energy systems to green solutions powered by renewable and clean energy

Climate reports from both UN and EU clearly shows that we can not wait. We must address the problems with solutions that works today. Both financially and technically – to accelerate the implementation of new innovative, green and sustainable technologies.

No single innovation can power an energy system in isolation. Meaning a variety of sources must support each other and thereby secure a sustainable and affordable marketplace and long-term conditions for a stable and sustainable future.

Green Fund Finance strongly believe that Swestep will be one of the major players within both the WTE (Waste to Energy) and (Waste to Liquid) segments. The technology is ready, the market is there and our financing solution provides a platform for a Global scale implementation.

As an investor big or small You can take part and become an important partner of our common journey into a green future. The demand for renewable fuels and sustainable liquids used to produce renewable and climate friendly products is enormous, at a global scale.


Become the first-choice for financing innovative green tech by offering a competitive solid financing solution for the market.


In a viable, accessible and profitably way invest money where they can grow and do the most good in the new green economy.

What is Swestep?

Swestep is a company focused on green technology which develops, sells and operates Swestep plants. Swestep industrial plants provide a sustainable solution, converting organic waste – all types of hydrocarbon based residues including plastic – into renewable fuels and circular fluids and oils.

The innovative and patented CPD process is a so-called Liquefaction Technology. The technology can, in part, be explained as a copy of Mother Earth’s natural degradation process, however, in a controlled and industrially optimised biodegradation process that takes less than 10 minutes.

Unlike other technologies, the CDP process can mix optional resources into the raw material during the transformation. This gives our customers flexibility when using the sustainable fluids, and can create variations in terms of price, weight and availability.


Earn commission while saving the planet

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More than just environmentally friendly

The proven technology creates the potential for sustainable energy and independence from traditional energy forms. It is a capital-efficient and profitable solution that creates viable conditions and opportunities for both small-scale and large-scale installations, regardless of the customers, communities or countries size or geographic location.

The demand for renewable fuels and sustainable liquids used to produce renewable and climate friendly products is global scaled. Since the Industrial revolution, production of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals have escalated tremendously, which has resulted in an urgency to replace fossil fuels with renewable alternative energy sources. At present, the UN and the EU have all created directives to encourage the utilization of renewable fuels.

The Swestep Advantage

Emission free

The CPD process operates at a low pressure and temperature resulting in no emissions of carcinogenic substances.


The plants are ready for immediate use.


Independence in terms of growth and market adaptation in relation to plant size and production lines.

Co2 – Neutral+

Swestep is leading the very forefront of sustainable recycling – combined with the GFF model we drive the Green Revolution!


The production is semi and fully automated throughout the process.


Selected end product produced can be adapted to the needs of the market and price over time.

High conversion

The process converts 80 – 85% of the hydrocarbon material to non fossil fuels and liquids.

Bitumen (Asphalt)

Asphalt is a valuable bi-product of the Diesel production, making investing in GFF even better

Distilled water

Swestep Plants produce large amounts of distilled water in the process that can be reused


A brilliant investment

Investing in Green Fund Finance is investing in the future! It's not a matter of if Swestep's cutting-edge technology will be globally implemented – but when !

Orders exceeding €400 million has been confirmed already. The patent gives Swestep a HUGE headstart over the entire sector. Collectively we can secure our planet for generations to come – take action NOW !