Swesteps technology has been investigated by leading industry experts and found to be the only environmental friendly and most economical trash-to-fuel conversion process on the market today.

We are now openning up for anyone to invest in real change when Swestep's patented process rolls out globally. Orders has been confirmed all around the globe. The time for change is now!

This example is based on a Swestep plant with a capacity of producing 5000 litres of responsible Diesel per hour – 24h a day!

Construction time
12-18 months
Total construction costs
Est. running costs (per year)
Plant lifetime
20-30 years
Input (per year)
98,000 tonnes of waste
End product (per year)
38 million litres of Diesel
End biproduct (per year)
11,4 million litres of CO2 – Neutral+
7,6 million litres of distilled water
3,8 million litres of Bitumen
Waste management (per year)
+ €988,000

Emission Free – The CC process operates at a low pressure and temperature resulting in no emissions of carcinogenic substances.

High Conversion – The unique, patented process converts 80 to 85% of the hydrocarbon material to non fossil fuels and liquids.

Automated – The production is fully automated, ensuring an efficient and safe process throughout the whole process.

The world is overflowing with trash.
Be a part of the solution – not the problem.

The economics of the investment
All figures are per year
Diesel Sales (at €0.90/l.) + €34,200,000
Income from accepting household waste + €988,000
Plant running costs - €1,500,000
Total revenue + €33,688,000
50% of revenue to plant owners - €16,844,000
50% of revenue to GFF + €16,844,000
5% to administration of GFF - €842,220
That leaves (approx) = €16,000,000
Diesel sales (at €0.90/l.)
Income from accepting household waste
Plant running costs
Total revenue
50% of revenue to plant owner
50% of revenue to GFF
5% to administration of GFF
That leaves (approx.)

Per year to buy back GFF Certificates on exchange at market value, but never less than €1.20 per certificate.
The certificates bought back by GFF are then immediately destroyed.

Investors are investing in the Green Fund Finance Certificate system. GFF and Swestep has the proven technology in place, customers are ready to build the Swestep plants. Large oil companies, organisations and consumers of environmentally friendly fuels are standing in line to start buying.  Now it's up to GFF, with your help to finance the rollout of this technology on a global scale. The investors as a group are becoming partners with the owners of these production plants – and then sharing the revenue generated with the plant owners 50/50. Essentially the investors are investing to get half the proceeds from the environmentally friendly conversion of waste into CO2-neutral fuels, new plastics, or other types of useful hydrocarbons in various industries. Green Fund Finance will use this revenue to buy back the certificates originally sold to investors at market price (but never lower than €1.20 per certificate) as soon as the plants starts generating income after approximately 12-18 months.

How the GFF model works

Green Fund Finance created 10 billion (10,000,000,000) certificates – initially valued at €1 per certificate. The GFF Certificate System is set up on the Blockchain to ensure full transparency and investment security. However, not all certificates are released at once. Eg. for this first Swestep plant 43,000,000 certificates have been made available for purchase at €1.00 per certificate. When a plant is 70-80% funded we release certificates corresponding to the construction cost of the next signed Swestep plant.

When new certificates are released in phase 2 (or 3, or 4 etc.) they can not be sold for €1 as this will devalue the existing certificates already sold (as their market value might have increased). Therefore, when GFF releases new certificates to be sold to finance a new Swestep plant they will be released at the current certificate value of the day when the sale is initiated.

This is to ensure highest possible security for investors by not having to rely on the output of a single plant. This will also create a more liquid market for the certificates, wich in turn should decrease volatility.

10,000,000,000 certificates

When all 43,000,000 certificates are sold GFF will finance construction of the first Swestep plant.


Once the construction has been completed the plant immediately starts to generate income. Every day GFF will buy back certificates on the open market sold by investors who want to realise a sale at that time. GFF will buy certificates for 95% of the revenue received from the production plants.

Our aim is to buy back 1.33 million certificates every month once production in the first plant has started, this sum will of course increase with the production from each additional plant coming on line. This is illustrated in the graph below, as certificates are purchased from investors (grey) the total quantity is reduced which increases the market value of the remaining certificates (green).

 Certificates Available Certificates bought back


GFF will continue to buy back the certificates with the plant revenue after the 43,000,000 certificates has been bought back and destroyed. The revenue from the plant will then be used to purchase certificates from other Swestep plants which of course speeds up the ROI.


A brilliant investment

We are now openning up for anyone to invest in real change when Swestep's patented process rolls out globally.

Orders are confirmed and the first Swestep Plant is underway. The patent gives Swestep a HUGE headstart over the entire sector. Collectively we can secure our planet for generations to come – the time to act is now.