New Way to Recycle Tires

When people buy car tires they want durable long-lasting tires that won’t breakdown. Unfortunately these same qualities make tires hard to dispose of and a major contributor to landfills. In the US alone nearly 300 million tires are thrown out each year, according to the EPA.

While some tires can be retread and put back on the road or repurposed in other ways, a large number of them end up in landfills. Once there, tires pose a number of health and environmental problems. Frequent tire fires create air pollution, inorganic tire material can leach into nearby water, and the hollow spaces in tires create a breeding ground for disease-spreading rats and mosquitoes. Cleaning up these tire piles is notoriously expensive, with one site in New York State costing $81 million.

Fortunately pioneering green technology firm SWESTEP has come up with a creative solution. SWESTEP develops, builds and licenses recycling plants using their patented Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (CPD) process. CPD can turn old tires into useful products such as renewable fuels, industrial liquids and fertilizers. In addition to tires, SWESTEP’s plants can process a variety of organic and inorganic waste materials, and do so without creating harmful emissions.

A SWESTEP plant is not only an chance to help the environment, but also a great financial opportunity. Businesses can save money on waste disposal, while also creating valuable products for sale or use. Try the SWESTEP Calculator to find out how much a SWESTEP plant could help your business or contact us, Green Fund Finance, SWESTEP’s exclusive partner, to learn about becoming an investor.