The Green Fund Finance Concept

Climate change is upon us. It’s no longer an abstract issue for future generations but an immediate crisis we can see outside our window. Droughts, wildfires and hurricanes are just a preview of what’s to come if we don’t take action. Unfortunately addressing climate change is often framed as a painful trade off between the economy and the environment. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Green Fund Finance (GFF) is a next generation investment house focused on funding sustainable innovation. By investing with GFF you can help build the foundations of a green economy, while participating in cutting-edge investment opportunities.

For our flagship project, GFF is partnering with waste recovery firm Swestep. The company’s patented CPD technology can cleanly convert waste into renewable energy and raw materials for industry. A number of production plants are already using Swestep’s technology and more projects are in the pipeline. With its CPD process already deployed, Swestep has a huge first-mover advantage and presents a great opportunity for investors.

Pushing this innovation even further, GFF is utilizing a forward-looking certificate based finance model. By using the Blockchain, GFF will ensure full security and transparency while also leveling the playing field by offering opportunities to both large and small investors.
Yes climate change is upon us. But with the right tools and creative thinking we can create a sustainable and profitable green economy. Take the first step now.