The scaleable concept of Swestep

SWESTEP is a revolutionary company creating the future of recycling. Its patented Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (CPD) process can turn waste into renewable fuels, oils and other industrial products. By reducing waste and emissions, SWESTEP offers an environmentally and financially viable path towards a green economy.

CPD is a combustionless low-pressure liquefaction process that emits zero carcinogens. The technology utilizes a wide variety of wastes including paper, plastic, biomass and used oil. With a highly efficient conversion rate, previously useless substances can be turned into high-grade industrial materials such as renewable fuels, lubricants, chemicals and fertilizers.

SWESTEP develops and builds turnkey processing plants of varying size, suitable for both large and small customers. These scalable modular plants provide flexibility to meet each client’s specific needs. Each plant is also tracked and monitored daily through the cloud.

SWESTEP offers plants for purchase or lease as well as joint venture collaborations and partner financing programs. The company is also working with next generation investment house Green Fund Finance (GFF). By partnering with GFF, SWESTEP can offer customers partial or even full funding for the construction of their plant.

No matter what industry you work in, your business can benefit from recovering value out of previously useless waste. Additionally you’ll be helping to create a more sustainable and less fossil fuel dependent economy. Find out how SWESTEP can benefit you with a free Trash-to-Cash analysis.