Turning Farm Waste into Profit

Farms are a foundational part of civilization, providing the rest of society with the food it needs to sustain itself. But while farms produce nourishing food, they also create large amounts of waste that can be difficult and dangerous to deal with. In the United States alone, farm animals generate more than 1 million tons of manure daily. Farms often store this animal waste in sludge ponds, which can contaminate water and kill wildlife, as was the case when an Illinois pig farm spill killed thousands of local fish.

Farmers generally deal with farm waste by composting it, burning it or dumping it in a landfill. Composting is a great method for waste disposal, but not ideal for all situations. Composting is limited to organic matter and can’t deal with a farm’s plastic, metal or used fuel. Additionally, farmers must be careful not to compost plant material containing fertilizers or pesticides, which are often widely used on farms. Burning waste is similarly restricted to only organic non-toxic materials and has the added problem of creating greenhouse gases like Carbon Dioxide. As a last resort, farmers can have their waste hauled to a landfill, but this costs money and is not environmentally sustainable.

Fortunately there is a way for farmers to help save the environment and their pocketbooks at the same time. Pioneering waste recycling firm SWESTEP has developed a method to convert both organic and inorganic materials into useful products which farmers can use themselves or sell at a profit.

SWESTEP recycling plants use the patented Catalytic Pressureless Depolymerization (CPD) process. CPD handles a wide variety of wastes and, unlike incinerators, does not produce carcinogenic emissions. SWESTEP plants come in a range of sizes, to fit each need. The company has even developed a mobile plant, so farmers don’t have to truck their waste to a disposal facility.

Recognizing SWESTEP’s incredible value and potential, we here at Green Fund Finance have partnered with this cutting-edge recycling firm. With our partnership, SWESTEP is able to offer clients a variety of ways to finance or participate in their own SWESTEP plant. Visit us to find out more about investing with Green Fund Finance, and try the SWESTEP Calculator for a free estimate on how much SWESTEP could benefit your business.